Kozlov (present-day Michurinsk) was founded a year earlier before Tambov, in 1635, as a fortress protecting the southern borders of Russia from Crimean and Nogai Tatars. According to one of the legends, the name of the fortress comes from the surname of one of the settlers – Semyon Kozlov. Another legend says that it comes from the name of the area called “Kozlov natural boundary” that occupied most of modern Michurinsk. Many years ago this boundary was inhabited by a great number of wild goats. Despite the fact that today the town bears the name of the great scientist and breeder, I. V. Michurin, (the town was renamed in 1932) the present-day coat of arms still has a proud owner of horns and hoofs in it. The other elements of the coat of arms point out the diverse life of the modern town.   

The central part of today’s Michurinsk is an integral historical and architectural complex completed by the end of the 19th century. Trade and handicrafts were flourishing in Kozlov of that time. The town had two factories one of which cast church bells for the whole province. Railway workshops were being built too. The construction of Ryazan-Kozlov railroad in 1865-1866, one of the first in Russia, stimulated growth of people’s prosperity. Beautiful merchants’ houses, richly-decorated offices, manufacturers’ mansions and even a theatre were under construction at that time.

The town receives its new name – “Michurinsk” – in 1932 in honor of biologist and breeder Ivan Michurin who made the town famous all over the world. Interestingly enough, Mr Michurin himself was still alive at the moment (the first case in Russian history).

One will certainly find what to see in Michurinsk. The town is famous for its numerous museums whose number could rival even a regional center. A. M. Gerasimov’s Museum Estate and I.V. Michurin’s House Museum are the memorial museums.

In 2003, Michurinsk became Russia’s first science town in the field of agro-industrial complex. Continuing what Michurin started, the town keeps developing, testing and producing medical and dietary organic food. Michurinsk scientists have developed nectars, compots, drinks, low-sugar berry jellies, dietary vegetable pastes, tomatoes with fixed biochemical characteristics and many more.

Michurinsk is known for its apples. The unique black earth, scientists’ experience and the latest technology make the most delicious and healthiest Michurinsk apples. Every spring, the town surrounded by hectares of gardens literally floats in the clouds of apple blossom. 

291, Sovetskaya Str., Michurinsk, Tambov region
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